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VizExplorer software makes life easier, more productive and profitable for virtually any business. Our powerful, yet intuitive applications provide elegant solutions to a range of operational and marketing challenges in a multitude of industries.




Slot Dispatch
Real Time Alerts and Mobile
Technician and Attendant Performance
Inventory Intelligence


Dynamic Campaign Creation
Customer Behavior Analysis
Test and Control
Automatic Segmention
Real-Time Reporting


Performance Measurement
Optimize Floor Management
Game Change Analysis
Analyze Customer Preferences


Improves Interactions
Maximize Players’ Engagement
Enhances Contact / Task Management
Facilitates Player Development

Enabling Platform


Customized Indicators
Real-Time Alerts
Fast and Flexible
Advanced Calculation
Trusted Results


No Data Transformation
Integrated Data Analytics
Quick Setup
Real-Time Data
No Data Warehouse Required

Harness the color of data


Casino Pauma

“Casino Pauma is in a highly competitive gaming market and we constantly strive to provide our patrons with the optimal experience while operating as efficiently as possible. VizExplorer’s business intelligence products allow us to dig deeper into our game and player data to better understand our patrons’ preferences and use that information to make smart decisions in all aspects of our gaming business.”
Harry Taylor, General Manager of Casino Pauma

Isle of Capri Casinos

“The installation of the VizExplorer software was straightforward in our Teradata™ environment. We are pleased with the results. The VizExplorer software enables us to further leverage our investment in our Teradata database.”
Tom Borman, Senior Director of Slots, Isle of Capri Casinos

Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa

“We’ve chosen to implement a wide range of the VizExplorer products to help us across all aspects of our operations; from marketing and loyalty campaigns to player development and for gaming floor optimization.”
John James, Chief Operating Officer, Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa

Odawa Casino Resort

“We came to the conclusion that an important link was missing in our daily operations to optimize data with decision making and it was taking way too long to obtain. We also realized more information was needed on patrons and that we needed a fully integrated solution that would allow us to segment, automate and analyze data in real-time. The VizExplorer products were an obvious choice for us and we are excited to be working with the VizExplorer team.”
Britta Erickson, Director of Marketing, Odawa Casino Resort

Thunder Valley Casino Resort

“After evaluating the wide range of Business Intelligence and operational tools, it became obvious that VizExplorer was the right choice for us. The VizExplorer products really help us get our data sorted, which is great. We can use that data within the VizExplorer products to better drive our business. For instance, VizExplorer’s campaign management tool helps us create more effective promotions and lets us know which ones are really working well and which ones are not – all at the touch of a button.”
Jay Duarte, Assistant General Manager, Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Downstream Casino Resort

“[My] hosts have all welcomed the product and are amazed at the ease of using VizExplorer’s hostViz and the benefits that it offers. We are very happy to be working with this great VizExplorer team!”

“VizExplorer’s hostViz provides us with a powerful, mobile tool to improve our hosts’ player development efforts without the need to send data to the cloud. That capability was paramount to us as we sought to purchase software solutions which will increase profitability while protecting tribal sovereignty.”
John Fernandez, Director of Player Development, Downstream Casino Resort

Soboba Casino

“At Soboba Casino we decided the time was right to leverage VizExplorer’s industry-leading technology to enhance our casino floor operations and marketing efforts. We are excited about using the powerful VizExplorer analytical tools to heighten our player experiences.”
Scott Sirois, General Manager, Soboba Casino

Pechanga Resort & Casino

“We are very excited about deploying the leading-edge VizExplorer products to enhance our casino operations and marketing efforts. We are always looking for better and smarter ways of doing things, and the VizExplorer products really help us with our goal. I really like their products.”
Buddy Frank, Vice President of Slot Operations, Pechanga Resort & Casino

Silverton Casino

“I am impressed with the improvements that Version 5.0 delivers to us and we will be deepening our extensive use of the product as we continue to roll-out our highly-successful gaming floor optimization plan driven by VizExplorer’s gameViz product.”
Craig Cavileer, President, Silverton Casino

“We are very excited about gameViz’s state-of-the-art technology as it will take our analytics to the next level. VizExplorer is installing the software on our existing data warehouse with no impact on our daily operations. I am very impressed with the rapid installation process and the ease of configuration of the gameViz software. The new features in Version 3.0 really have our analytical team excited and we are finding new and easier ways to understand and improve our business. vizMaker has given our team the power to leverage the data in our Teradata system and to produce a new visual perspective of our data. We are pleased to be working with VizExplorer to achieve this recognition from IBM. The gameViz technology has taken our gaming analytics to the next level and has been essential in deploying our mini-casino strategy. In today’s difficult environment finding insight in a timely way is a necessity. We selected gameViz as our data exploration platform as it combines gaming analysis with state-of-the-art Web 2.0 technology. We are especially pleased that the technology can adapt to our existing database without requiring specific data structures. This dedication to interoperability helps us build very rapid return on the investment on analytics.”
Kirk Golding, VP of Information Technology, Silverton Casino


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